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Welcome to TexasHoldemClub.net your ultimate home of free online poker. Yes that's right free, no more being hassled about depositing your hard earned cash. The purpose of this site is to provide you with a poker resource that does not involve any money or financial risk. It provides an excellent platform for you to test and practice your poker skills in an environment congruent to that of a real money poker room.

So why practice with free poker?

Many of you will probably think you are rather good at poker. This may be so, but with out a doubt some more practice can't hurt. Playing poker online for real money is very competitive. Every poker site has loads of players who make a living off playing poker online, and they are all waiting to feed off new players such as yourself. So with some practice you will soon be adept enough to take on the online poker world and win. After all you don't play a game to lose do you?

I know what many of you are thinking - but I'm good at poker? I've played for years with friends and so on. While any poker experience is going to stand you in good stead, playing online can be vastly different from home cash games. The speed of play for one is a huge difference. In online poker you have only 15 seconds to sum up your options, take into account all the other players tells, calculate your odds and outs and then make your decision on whether to fold, check or how much you are going to bet.

All of these are relatively in-depth processes and if you are unfamiliar with processing such information at high speed or still refining your playing style, then you will undoubtedly be put under pressure. However with a bit of practice on the game you will find on this site, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of how online poker is played.

Game & Features

The Free Texas Holdem poker software has been created in Flash, to create a seamless user-friendly gaming experience. The game offers a simple easy to use interface, and provides for a highly entertaining Texas Holdem Experience.

The software allows you to play tournament No Limit Holdem against 8 computer players in simple graphic interface. When the action is on you, you are given a range of play options via labelled buttons located just beneath the table. Here you can choose to call the bet, fold raise by the blind value or move all in. In addition there is a slider bar and additional betting options listed just below that allows you to play more precise bets.

The player who is in the action has their player box highlighted for easy recognition and the blinds increase every 5 minutes to force the action. If in the event that you lose all your chips to the other players, then the game has an inbuilt re-buy option. This feature, which is indicated by a button in the lower right hand corner, allows the player to re-buy for half the original starting stack: 500 chips.

A handy practice trick, to up the challenge to yourself is to go all in every hand until you lose all your chips, then rebuy for the 500 chips and try and win your money back.

One of the games most prolific features is that it has incorporated several different bot 'personalities' to try and simulate as realistic a poker experience as possible given the platform and circumstance. This allows for varying game play like what would be experienced at a live table with other players.

A leader board exists for the top players and records their high scores. You can effectively compete against other players by trying to beat their listed high scores. You can also compete against and monitor your own performance by keeping track of you own high scores. The high scores are based upon the amount of time it takes you to complete the game by eliminating all the other players. The faster you manage to eliminate them, the higher your score will be.

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